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Laser Teeth Whitening Prices

How much should I expect to pay for laser teeth whitening?

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Expected cost of laser bleaching

The cost of the treatment should depend of a couple of things

1. Are trays included?

2. Is home whitening material included?

3. Is there a bleaching for life option?

4. What material is being used for the laser bleaching (ex. are kor, ultradent boost, zoom)

In our area in kansas we charge 475$ for our traditional laser bleaching with trays and bleach material and 650$ for the kor bleaching system that is more expensive and time consuming

Wichita Dentist

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The cost for laser teeth whitening. . .

Laser teeth whitening costs a little more than traditional bleaching due to the cost of the equipment and gel.

In our area, it varies from $395 - $585. depending upon where you live and what else you may be having done.

Randall LaFrom, DDS
San Jose Dentist

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Cost of Laser Whitening

You can expect to pay $500 - $1000 for laser assisted whitening. Tray methods cost less and take longer. 

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
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It will vary a lot

Depending on laser used and area of the country, you will get a very wide range of fees.  It can go as low as $400 for a low end laser and location and as high as $2000.

Lance Timmerman, DMD
Seattle Dentist
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