Is It Possible to Correct Tuberous Breasts Without an Areola Incision and Without Implants? (photo)

Is It Possible to Correct Tuberous Breasts Without an Areola Incision and Without Implants ? if Not What Sort of Implants Are Recommended?

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It is Important to Reconcile your Goals with What is Necessary to Achieve them

Hi there-

First of all, please understand that it is not possible to give you clear recommendations without the benefit of a formal examination...

Regardless of what you call them, achieving a pleasing, round shape, with a size that looks appropriate for your body, is likely to require a lift and an implant, and this procedure will require an areolar incision.

If this is not something you think you could accept, it is better to do nothing than to try to find someone who will operate on you and promise to do so without an areolar incision or an implant.


Because if you look for a surgeon willing to do this, you will find one. And then you will end up with funny looking breasts you really are unhappy with.

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Is It Poss to Correct Tuberous Breasts W/out Areola Incision&Implants?Answr:

You may or may not have a Tuberous Breast presentation, but you do have droop and that can only be corrected with incision on the breast, not only around the areola but on and under as well..And your skin and tissue look thick enough so a saline implant would probably work just as well as a silicone....

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Tuberous breasts

Good news!  You don't have tuberous breasts, based on your photos.

You have "regular" breast ptosis - droop.  This is much easier to fix....but it still requires a breast lift, with an areolar scar.


All the best,

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Fixing the tuberous breast without surgery

The tuberous breast is one with a constricted skin envelope and herniation of the nipple forward, and your breast though drooping or ptotic, is not tuberous. The best solution will be a breast lift with an implant, two things you might not want but are likely to need.

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Tuberous breasts and fixing

FIrst, based upon the photos posted, you do not have a tuberous breast deformity. It looks like you have ptosis and you need a lift.

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Tuberous breast are very difficult

Tuberous breasts are among the toughest starting points for cosmetic breast surgery.  Occasionally, if the deformity is mild and they aren't small, just a lift is okay but requires all the incisions including the areolar one.  If they are too small, an implant is also needed.  I can't imagine any correction coming from the restrictions you have placed. Best to do nothing then.

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