Coolsculpting and Cellulaze in Same Area?

How long after getting Coolsculpting done on my outer thigh should I wait to get Cellulaze done in the same area? Or should I get the Cellulaze done first and then the Coolscultping? Do you have to wait a while between one treatment and the other if it is in the same area of the body?

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It may take up to four motnhs to see the full effect of CoolSculpting . You should wait at least that long before adding another modality. You may wish to consult with a plastic surgeon who offers both of these treatments and has been combining them for a significant period of time (if there are plastic surgeons or dermatologists offering both treatments together)  so you can be aware of contraindications. 

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CoolSculpting or Cellulaze

If you wish to get rid of both fat (reduce inches) and reduce the appearance of cellulite on your outer thighs, I would recommend that you have the Cellulaze treatment first.  Cellulaze uses a laser cannula to remove fat from the treated area, but also breaks up the fibrous bands that pull down on the fat to produce dimpling and improves the skin's texture.  CoolSculpting is incredibly effective for removing fat in a localized area, but does not produce improvement of cellulite or improve the appearance of the overlying skin.

If pure fat removal is your goal, CoolSculpting is the way to go, as it has much less downtime and is a non-invasive procedure.  If you would like to reduce cellulite as well, Cellulaze is the treatment option more likely to produce the results you are looking for.  

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CoolSculpting and Cellulaze treatment in same area

Thank you for asking this good question. Another physician answered to wait approx 3 months after CoolSculpting to have the Cellulaze procedure, and without seeing you or knowing your greatest concern, whether it's fat reduction or cellulite, I agree to wait this period if CoolSculpting is the treatment you do first. If you should choose to have the Cellulaze procedure, I would take the very same time frame as best case scenario. 

While we are big fans of CoolSculpting, I may also suggest that if SmartLipo is offered in the physician's office who will be performing the Cellulaze treatment, that you discuss that option as well. 

The very best of luck to you.

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I would recommend waiting at least three months after CoolSculpting to have Cellulaze on the same area.

CoolSculpting may take about three months to see the final results.  At that point it would be reasonable in my opinion to do Cellulaze on the same area.

Mark Taylor, MD
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