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Can Cool Sculpting Help with Fat Pockets in the Armpits and is It Safe?

Can Cool Sculpting Help with Fat Pockets in the Armpits and is It Safe?

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CoolSculpting for underarm area


The current CoolSculpting applicators are to large to treat small areas like the underarm area. Smaller applicators that may be available in the near future might be able to treat this area successfully.

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CoolSculpting is not a good treatment for underarm fat


The bulge near the underarm is often breast tissue that is compressed at its side and made more apparent by bulging outwardly with tight fitting bra straps or shirts.  CoolSculpting can't fit well with their applicators in this region, nor i indicated to treat breast tissue.

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Manhattan Dermatologist
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Cool Sculpting On Armpits




Theoretically, if the area of interest is large enough with the fat thickness falling within optimal operating range of the Zeltiq device, then a patient should be fine.

However, the arms, neck and thighs are often out of the well defined range and even the usage of the small applicator for cool sculpting will not work well and will put the patient at risks. So, I recommend that you have a thorough assessment of any area in your body before you consider it for cool sculpting.

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Areas Safe To Perform CoolSculpting On


CoolSculpting is great for the following areas: love handles (muffin tops), spare tires (abdominal fat), and bra fat (back fat). Newer applications are on the way, such as for the arms and neck. Currently, it would not be safe to use on the armpits. 

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Coolsculpting in the axilla


Coolsculpting in the axila is an off label use of the technology. I would discourage treatment in this area as there are certain risks with improper placement of the Coolsculpting handle.

West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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