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Constant Sharp Pain in One Breast 5 Weeks Post Augmentation

I had a breast augmentation done 5 weeks ago. It was my second one, as my first one developed capsular contracture. Now the breast that had the CC is still sore, 5 weeks later! It hurts to lift my arm to put hair up. It is a very different pain than I experienced with the CC, as this one is a constant sharp pain. I am concerned with nerve damage or hematoma (although there is no bruising so I dont think this is it) I have an appt next week with my PS but I am just looking for some peace of mind.

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Sudden breast pain 5 weeks after implants


Hematoma would typically be associated with enlargement of the breast. From your description, I believe it is probably nerves recovering from the injury of surgery but you should remain in close contact with your surgeon to evaluate all possible causes.

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