What is Considered a Reasonable and Unreasonable Amount of Painkillers to Prescribe?

I had chin implant revision less than a week ago and my doctor refuses to prescribe more pain meds. He originally prescribed 20 5/325 then 10 10/25 Percocet. I am still in pain and was told to take Tylenol. I've had surgery with him before and he's always been stubborn/stingy. Who is being unreasonable here? I do not like paying thousands to be treated like a junkie. I am tempted to never do business with him again. Is this typical of plastic surgeons? I'm about to go to the ER for pain.

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Pain medications afetr surgery...how much to prescribe?

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This is an important question. I feel that if you have pain you should be given pain meds, but after a while, if there is a problem, then you should try to look further to see if there are any other problems. Pain is real, and it has a cause, and it is important to find out why a person is having pain.

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