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Concha Bowl Reduction - Can You Flatten It or is It Cut Out?

My CB is 1 inch side to side, and 1 inch high. I want to flatten the White area. Can I get that part of the bowl area flattened or does it have to be cut out (reducing ear height)? It's 9 millimeters off top and another 9 mm off the outer side to achieve this. Is this possible?

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Conchal Bowl Reduction

The conchal bowl is the inside portion of the ear. It is made up of cartilage. In some people who have protruding ears, the conchal bowl is enlarged. Depending on how enlarged it is, the concha can be setback using sutures alone, an excision of cartilage and skin, or excision of cartilage with sutures to set the ear back. This will ultimately depend on the amount of setback required.  

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Ear reduction

Conchal bowl reduction can be achieved with direct resection or through the use of a setback sutures to rotate the concha against the skull.

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Concha bowl reduction

Yes, concha bowl can be reduced and removed during an otoplasty procedure to set the ears further back.  

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Prominent ears

Deep concha can be part of the prominent ear need to see a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON have the examination and express your desires and needs.

your plastic surgeon will then be able to discuss what are your options

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Otoplasty Surgery may improve the appearance of a prominent conchal bowl.

If your ears stick out too far from your head, and if you want your conchal bowls "flattened out", I will typically set back the concha with 2 or 3 permanent nylon sutures. I do not remove or incise any ear cartilage during Otoplasty Surgery. I hope you find this helpful.

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