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10 Days Post Op Smart Lipo, Sore, Bloated, Treated at Hospital For Infection. Normal?

I had Smart Lipo 1 week and 3 days ago to upper abs, lower abs amd love handles. I am 47. The Dr removed 5 litres. I was told that I was injected with over 4 gallons of liquids. I am still extremely sore, bloated (significantly larger than before procedure) and have been treated at hospital for fever/infection. The Dr said that this has never happened with his patients. I also conducted a partial trade , advertising for services. The Dr told me that he photoshops his before and after photos.

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Smart Lipo and Infection


Infection/Fevers can occur with any surgery, whether you are on antibiotics or not. Unfortunately, that is a risk patients take going into the procedure. As long as you are being treated for it you will be on the right track to recovery.

The soreness and swelling is normal for this point in your recovery. I typically tell patients it can take up to six weeks to see the swelling go down to normal. A low salt diet, lots of water and constantly wearing your compression garment will help the swelling go down faster.

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