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How Common is Cellulitis at Drain Sites Following Abdominoplasty?

I am POD#6 for full abdominoplasty. Was given Ancef pre-operatively and started on Keflex immediately, 500mg tid. Non-smoker, not diabetic, normal BMI. Afebrile. Should I be placed on a different antiobiotic given that I got a cellulitis while on the Keflex?

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Use drain output to perform cultures and guide antibiotics for tummy tuck cellulits


I would have said that this was rare and very unusual but this recently happened to one of my patients. Rather than use antibiotics non-discriminately, I would highly recommend that you obtain a culture of the fluid prior to discarding the drain.  This will allow the choice of antibiotics to be guided by the laboratory testing

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Cellulitis after Tummy Tuck


Sometimes a broader spectrum antibiotic is necessary. In a similar situation I would invest the help from my infectious disease colleagues for advice on this matter. Ultimately, I would want to remove the drains ASAP. Day 6 is usually soon. Also, was any mesh or allograft used? That information would be helpful.

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