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How Common is Asymetry Due to Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

How common is asymmetry due to swelling after a closed rhinoplasty?

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Asymmetry due to swelling after rhinoplasty is common


It is very common to have asymmetrical swelling and edema in the nose following the rhinoplasty procedure. Some patients are also going to have more swelling on the left side of their nose if they sleep on their face.

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Asymmetrical Swelling after Rhinoplasty


Swelling after rhinoplasty is frequently asymmetrical, regardless of technique. Remember, swelling is temporary.

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Asymmetry after rhinoplasty


Asymmetry before rhinoplasty is normal and so it is after surgery as well.  Yes, some may be due to swelling as well.

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Rhinoplasty Postop


We need a bit more information from you, like where is the swelling, how long out are you from surgery and so forth.

Generally it takes about 1 year before all the swelling has settled in and the nose only then takes its final shape.

Hope that helps.

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