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Combining Breast Lift, Implants, Tummy Tuck and Fat Injections to Butt

I am interested in having a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and some fat injected into my buttocks. I was wondering if these are too many procedures to have at once. Can all these procedures be done at once?

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Breast Lift, Implants, Tummy Tuck, and Butt Augmentation???


It does make sense to combine procedures at times, but you are pushing the envelope. That is a lot of surgery, covering multiple parts of the body, will certainly take a while, and will make for a tough recovery.

Safety becomes a real consideration, and as you get beyond six hours of surgery (as you almost certainly will) the risk of various kinds of complications starts to rise. In addition, do you really want your surgeon working as fast as possible to get this done. Inevitably they will begin to cut corners and the quallity of the result is compromised.

I think you would do much better by having this staged. You could do the tummy tuck and breast lift initially, then return a few months later and have the breast augmentation and fat transfer to the butt. This offers the avantage of having a much greater range of implant selection as augmentation and lifts tend to work against one another when performed at the same time, and your implant options are much more limited.

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Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures


From the pictures, it looks like you would benefit from all the procedures that you listed. The most important thing is your safety. You may want to consider two separate sessions to complete all the procedures. While it is technically possible to do all the procedures at the same time, it is a huge stress on your body to have such a long surgery. Also, you do not want your surgeon rushing through the procedures just to get them all done. Good luck.

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Combination Surgery and Safety?


Thank you for the question and picture.

Determining whether all the procedures you mentioned could (or should) be performed at the same time will depend on a thorough history and physical examination;  ultimately it will come down to a decision regarding issues such as  duration and safety of surgery  in your specific case.

There is simply not enough information to provide you with a precise answer online.

If in doubt, do the procedures in two stages.

Best wishes.

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Combining procedures



Thank you for your question.

It is usually not the best idea to combine all of these procedures into one surgery. One reason is the amount of time in surgery and amount of anesthesia administered. You would obviously need to be in the operating room for a longer period of time which puts you at a greater risk. Depending on exactly what you have done, you may need to rest in certain positions that could compromise the results of the other procedures.

It appears that you could benefit from all of these procedures so it would be best to do the procedures in stages. Find a board certified plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with and specializes in these procedures.

Best regards,

Dr. Speron

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Multiple cosmetic procedures



I would strongly advise that you have these procedures done separately, perhaps the breasts at one time and then the body procedures at a later date. The risks of surgery and anesthesia go up significantly when procedures are combined and operative time is prolonged. Best, /nsn.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Combining breast implants and lift, tummy tuck with fat transfer to buttock


Combining procedures in plastic surgery can be done if you are in good overall health and the surgeries can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. You will first require medical clearance from your primary care physician, which will include an EKG and appropriate lab testing.

You may also need to make arrangements to stay overnight at an aftercare facility or in a hospital -- this should be discussed with your plastic surgeon. The procedures should be completed in under six hours or so, as recommended by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If the surgery is likely to run longer than this, the procedures should be performed on separate days. The longer the procedure is, the more likely you are to develop a blood clot in your lower extremities, which can become a very serious medical condition.

Discuss this in detail with your board certified plastic surgeon prior to scheduling such a combination of procedures

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno.

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Breast llift, implant, and tummy tuck


The tummy tuck inyour case will also need to include some liposuction to the flanks and upper abdomen.

As for you breast I cannot tell if your nipples are that low that you need a lift; the implants may be enough or a vertical lift is needed.

You can do all the above in one surgery.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck, fat grafting, and breast augmentation and mastopexy should be safe


Tummy tuck, fat grafting to the buttocks, and breast augmentation and mastopexy should be safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Blood clots (potentially life threatening) would be rare, but can occur with this combination of procedures, and should be guarded against. Your surgeon will likely use compression hose and pneumatic sequential hose (hose that pump the blood in and out of your legs) before, during, and after surgery. You will likely spend the night in the overnight stay area to be carefully observed, and may receive a shot to thin your blood for a few days after surgery. Total OR time will be around 7 hours,

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Lots of surgery


I think that you would be a good candidate for the tummy tuck. I can't tell if you need a lift, or if implants alone will suffice. I am not keen on fat transfers myself.

Anyway, if you are healthy enough for all that surgery, you have to understand that it will increase risk and you should stay in a hospital at least over night for safety.


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Combining breast lift, implants, tummy tuck and fat injections to butt


Yes, it is possible to do these combination surgeries in one operative setting. But you need a very experienced boarded plastic surgeon, a in detailed informed consent outlining all the risks involved in combination surgeries, correct choices to breasts procedures (which lift a donut to a full Mastopexy). As for fat transfer the most that I would do in a combination of surgeries would be 300 to 400 cc's per side (into the muscle). Or a total aspirate of 1200 cc's. Please be careful and see ONLY Plastic Surgeons who have preformed combination operations and have hospital admitting & surgery privileges. Merry Merry!

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