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Looking for a Mole Removal Specialist in Colorado Springs?

I'm 21 years old, considering removal of several flat moles on face. I have 3 light moles on my nose, 1 very dark near my lower lip & 1 near the center of my eyebrows also very dark.

Where can I find doctors near Colorado Springs, CO? How do I make sure he/she is well qualified? I visited 1 Dr. but felt her prices were too high, $500 per mole+$150 for the pathology of each. No matter the size,color, or location of it.

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Mole removal


I would recommend that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon or a dermatologic surgeon for cosmetic results.  

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Mole removal


There are no "specialists" for mole removal. If you want insurance to cover it, most likely you will be in the care of a dermatologist and generally won't get the cosmetic result you'd get from a plastic surgeon. A "dermatologic surgeon" is a dermatologist who is trained in skin diseases and who also does excisions like moles and skin cancers but is not a "plastic surgeon." Most plastic surgeons will charge you cash for this so you need to decide what your priorities are.

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