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Can CO2 Laser Get Rid of Syringoma Safely and Effectively?

I have syringoma. Is CO2 laser resurfacing the best treatment?

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Hyfrecation is my treatment of choice for syringoma


I have tried every modality from excision to shave removal to various laer treatments include CO2 laser resurfacing.  However, in my opinion, hyfrecating (electric burning) of the lesions produce the best cosmetic results.

I hope I was helpful.

Austin Dermatologist
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Syringoma treatment - Best strategies


I use hyfrecation initially, followed by selective fractional co2 laser on an interval visit, to effectively destroy active syringoma. 


This treatment is the most favorable for asian, caucasian, and black skin. 

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Syringoma removal


Syringomas can be removed in many ways. They can be excised or shaved with a scalpel. They can also be treated with a laser to burn them off. 

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment for syringoma


 CO2 laser is one of the modalities that can be used for removal of syringoma. Other modalities include surgical excision, shave excision, electrocautery, and other types of devices. The best method will depend on the location, size, and number of syringomas.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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