How Can I Get This to Close Up? (photo)

I had my nose pierced for 3 years and I have had the nose ring out for also 3 years now. It is completely closed up on the inside of my nostril. It's just the top part of my nostril that isn't.

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How to repair persistent nasal piercing?

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If the piercing tract has not healed in three years, you will require a small scar revision during which the skin that has healed into the piercing will be removed. The small hole will then be repaired with a couple of sutures. This typically leads to a permanent repair of the piercing hole. I hope this information is helpful.

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How Can I Get This to Close Up?

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Even whayt appears as a minor defect can take a surgery to correct. I might try a punch of 1 mm size to see if this closed up. Otherwise a small excision with layered closure is another option. But be sure that a scar could form///

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