Does a Clitoral Hood Reduction Increase Sensation of the Clitoris?

I want to know if a clitoral hood reduction makes sex better by improving sensation of the clitoris? is a reduction or removal better for this?

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Clitoral Hood Reduction, Hoodectomy, Can Increase Sensitivity


Thank you for your question. Yes a clitoral hood reduction, also called a clitoral hoodectomy can increase clitoral sensitivity.

The clitoral hood is very delicate tissue so I use a laser to perform clitoral hoodectomy. The laser causes less bleeding and there is much less trauma to this delicate tissue than with traditional scalpel and clamping.

I agree with other answers that if there is no problem with clitoral sensitivity, a hoodectomy should not be done.

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Clitoral Hood Reduction and Sexual Sensation



The patients I recommend clitoral hood reduction to are those with excess skin that completely covers the clitoris. They frequently report diminished sensation unless the skin is retracted out of the way. If they report that sexual sensation is fine (even if they have excess skin) then the reduction is unnecessary and can make them over sensitive. It is thus a very patient specific operation. Please be aware that even if you are experiencing diminished sensation, clitoral hood modification may not help (you can end up no different or hyper sensitive). This is because the subjective experience of sex is so different for each person. It is an easy operation to perform under local anesthesia. I hope this helps.


Daniel A. Medalie, MD

Daniel A. Medalie, MD
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Clitoral Hoodectomy Benefits


Although there is no guarantee, women frequently do seek clitoral hood reduction (Hoodectomy) to improve exposure of the clitoris and hence better stimulation during sexual activity. By removing some of the excess &/or redundant skin concealing the clitoris, it becomes more readily exposed to sexual stimulation and hence a heightened sexual experience/orgasm is possible.  The key is seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist who performs this procedure regularly (>2-3 x/month) so that just the right amount of tissue is removed and just the right amount remains such that the clitoris is not constantly exposed and rubbing on clothing, etc...  Best of luck...RAS

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It does not increase sensation per se but it can make it easier for your partner to get to the clitoris.Sometimes gals have problems getting stimulation to a covered up "fun spot." 


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