How Much Does a Clitoral Hood Reduction Cost, on Average?

I've tried to look online to see when I would be able to afford the procedure, but I have only seen the price on one website, and I wanted to get more information of what other doctors charge.

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Clitoral Hood Reduction Cost

I occasionally see women who have undergone labiaplasty with a failure of their original surgeon to satisfactorily reduce the clitoral hood. For these patients, only a clitoral hood reduction is necessary. My current total fee for this procedure ranges from $3000 to $3500, and it can always be performed under local anesthesia.

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Clitoral Hood Reduction Cost

Price varies depending on the surgeon and city in which they are located. Prices can range around the $2500 to $4000 mark.  

Clitoral Reduction Costs

If you are only seeking a reduction of your hood and nothing else, this can be done as an office procedure under local anesthetic  for less than $1500.  Be aware that you could become more sensitive due to more exposure and if overdone, can create an unusual appearance.

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Clitoral Hood Reduction

Usually a clitoral hood reduction is done at the same time as a labiaplasty, but I have seen patients who have a disproportionall protruberant clitoral hood area if this ws not adressed during the original operation, in these cases an isolated clitoral hood reduction can be done. The cost is around 4,000 dollars and the recovery is easy Good Luck

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Clitoral hood reduction

Usually this procedure is performed at the same time as the labia reduction. The range for this would be $3500-5000.

Usually a part of a total labiaplasty


I usually do this if needed during a "full" labiaplasty operation. I haven't done them outside of that. Hood reduction alone might be able to be done under local in the office and therefore might be pretty inexpensive. You really need to be evaluated first though.


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