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Can Isolaz Be Making my Melasma Worse? How Can I Treat Acne and Melasma? (photo)

I am now 29-years-old and am experiencing moderate to severe acne so I have started Isolaz treatments again. My problem this time around is that I have developed melasma in the past 1 1/2 to 2 years. My melasma is getting much worse even with the all the precautions I have taken (high spf physical sunscreen, hats, sun avoidance, etc). Are the Isolaz treatments making my melasma worse and is there any way to treat both conditions simultaneously?

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Isolaz and Melasma

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Isolaz is not going to improve your melasma or pigment issues, but if done correctly, it shouldn't be making it worse. Isolaz is a great treatment for acne and with a series of treatments patients do very well. If you want to work on acne and melasma at the same time, topical prescription Vitamin A (ie. RetinA) can bey helpful. After several months of using RetinA, you may also benefit from chemical peeling. 

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