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Does Clear Correct Qualify As an HSA Expenditure?

Does Clear Correct Qualify As an HSA Expenditure?

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Clear correct and HSA


Health spending accounts can be used for dental procedures which include orthodontics.  Clear Correct would be billed using an orthodontic dental code, so the answer would be YES.

John Schmid DDS LVIF

Yes, it does!


Yes, Clear Correct would count as an HSA expenditure. Basically, it is an orthodontic treatment of misaligned teeth (dental treatment).

Richard Shin, DDS
Rockville Orthodontist

Clear Correct and HSA


YEs, clear correct is orthodontics and as such is used to correct a malocclusion (Imperfect bite).  It may be coincidental that you were interested in aesthetics but Aesthetics are the result of a perfect smile that is in ideal orthodontic alignment.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Cosmetic Dentist
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