Claravis (Isotretinoin) and Breast Implant Exchange

Hi I want to get my saline implants exchanged for silicone gel and also diminish my breast asymetry. I am currently taking Claravis (isotretinoin)-a milder formula of what was accutane and the smallest dose, which I take every other day (40 mg).Is it proven in high % to interfere with anesthesia and scars I live a very busy life where I can hardly get a proper recovery time, except for october this year, and also found a good surgeon, and dont want to loose the spot because of theoretical risks.

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Tretinoin Products and Wound Healing After Breast Surgery


The general rule regarding tretinoin products and wound healing is that one should be 6 months off the product before surgery. Breast augmentation revision requires only a small incision and no undermining or tension on the incision. October is 5 months away which should be an adequate amount of time to be off the drug. Interestingly, some are trying to use the drug as a treatment for capsular contraction because of its effects on scarring.

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