Weird dent after rhinoplasty: is it normal? (Photo)

Its been 6 months since I had rhinoplasty and i have sort of something that looks like a dent. I asked my doctor awhile back what it was and he said it was swelling but when i asked him he looked offended. So im not sure if he just said that to cover himself up or if it really is swelling and will go away.

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Weird dent after rhinoplasty: is it normal?

It is always difficult to assess without the benefit of an exam and without knowing what the nose looked like before surgery.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Dent post rhinoplasty

Thank you for the photo though a full examination is needed.  From the photo it does not appear to be swelling so I would go for a second opinion with a specialist or go back to the original surgeon and in a non confrontational fashion ask him what is going on.

Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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