Can a Breast Implant Revision Be Done Through Same Transaxillary Incision?

I am 5'5 and was not quite a full 34A. I got silicone 350cc via transaxillary less than a wk ago and erred on the side of wanting to look natural with my small frame that I don't think I went big enough tho I know it takes several months to see the final result.

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Can a Breast Implant Revision Be Done Through Same Transaxillary Incision


Simple revisions such as implant removal with a larger implant may be performed through the same incision but it may require a larger incision or endoscopic assistance. Other more complex revisions such as caspulectmy or capsulorrhapy or mastopexy will likely require an incision on the breast

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Revison through transaxillary approach


If you want  to go bigger iwth the implants size and you had a transax before, I think that with a revisoin it would be difficult to go that way.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Revision usually not possible through armpit


Hi there-

Among other limitations, you are beginning to understand why many experienced breast plastic surgeons do not favor the armpit incision.

Almost always, when a revision is needed, another incision (usually under the breast) will be required.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Revision=No transaxillary incision


It is best now to allow everything to heal and settle.  Then the final determination can be made about the size in relation to your frame. I my mind, have a natural result differs from size.  You can have a naturally looking full breast.   If revisions are necessary, other than just s simple an exchange to increase size without internal pocket work, an breast crease incision is necessary.

Dr. ES 

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Not recommended


Technically, yes it can be done, but it is not recommended. Revision is very tricky with the transaxillary incision. Also, you are right, it does take several months...even up to a year to see final results. I would not be too anxious in order to avoid a maybe unnecessary surgery. Consult with your plastic surgeon on all of your concerns.

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Breast implant revisions through the axilla


There are very few revisions that can be done through the armpit.  Consequently it is a less advantageous incision in my opinion.  Also, 350 implants may well suit you nicely after giving them some healing time.  Your muscle will compress the implants early so they will look different after 6-8 weeks.  Be patient.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Transaxillary larger than 350cc?


First of all, 350cc in a 32A cup breast on a small frame is not "small".  Wait for the implants to settle before you decide that the size is not right.  Secondly, placing implants larger than 350cc from the transaxillary approach is very difficult and would likely require a larger incision than you already have.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD
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Axillary incision in Breast Augmentation is of limited use


A few comments; I do NOT think you "erred on the side of wanting to look natural ". Breast augmentation, contrary to what many women think, is NOT a contest of squeezing the biggest implant into a breast and hoping it will look "natural". Choosing poorly and picking a surgeon who would willingly put any implant into anyone results in the parade of thousands of poor results we all see and can no longer help. Once the breast has been thinned and stretched it cannot be shrunk and brought back to its pre-augmentation state. You are stuck with the result caused by the implant you chose.

One week after surgery is WAY too soon to draw any conclusion about breast size and symmetry.

The trans-axillary (armpit) approach is acceptable for a few narrow indications but will NOT allow subtle breast pocket changes or repairs nor a breast Lift when the time comes.

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Implant revision be done through same transaxillary


Is it possible? Yes. But would I try that NOOOOOO! In a revision of implants I want the best access to the capsule I need. By far transaxillary is not that. Have you discussed with the operating surgeon? To increase the size using a prefilled silicone is very difficult.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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Wait and see before deciding on larger implants


One difficluty with the axillary approach is revisions, but you are very early post op and it may take some time to really know whether you like the size since early impressions often change. Also, 350 cc on a petite to average frame is on the large side, and going larger may create problems in the long run.

Richard Baxter, MD
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