How to Choose Breast Implant Profile?

Hi. I am getting a Breast Augmentation and I'm having the hardest time choosing Moderate Plus or Moderate.

I am doing it under the muscle, and my areolas are a little far apart I want breasts that are perky, yet look natural and give me cleavage.

What should I choose? And is going through the areola a good choice?

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Choosing a breast implant profile

Your surgeon should show you examples of all three profiles so you can see the different "look" each is designed to create. Basically, the moderate is the most natural with a straight upper pole profile while the moderate plus has a little extra upper pole fullenss that looks like a permanent push-up bra. The areolar incision is fine if you have enough diameter to work through.

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How to Choose Breast Implant Profile?

Thank you for the question.
The difference between these implants have to do with the dimensions ( diameter and height)  of the implants. For example, the high-profile implant has a greater projection and a smaller diameter  compared to the moderate profile implant. The moderate plus profile implant as projection and diameter characteristics that fall between the moderate  profile and high profile implants.
I prefer to have a wide selection of implants ( all profiles)  available in the operating room. I use  intraoperative sizers and place the patient in the upright position to evaluate breast size. Use of these sizers also allow me to select the breast implant profile (low, moderate, moderate plus, high-profile) that would most likely achieve the patient's goals. The patient's goal pictures are hanging on the wall, and allow for direct comparison. 
I have found that this system is very helpful in improving the chances of achieving the patient's goals as consistently as possible. 
I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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What Implant Profile is Best for Me?

When choosing a implant the patient and I first determine how much projection is desired.  Several factors come into play:  1.Patients height 2. Chest width and configuration 3. and Breast measurements.  If the patient is small in stature a moderate profile is usually the choice.  In the taller patient with greater chest width the Moderate Plus profile is often the implant of choice. Also, one important factor is the type of implant selected.  I prefer the High Tension Gel Implant. I feel it is a safer device and will become the standard implant in the near future. 

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Ask the advice of your surgeon

A lot can made be made out of the profile of implants to be used. Sometimes this can make a difference, and sometimes the difference is minimal. Generally speaking, the width of your existing breast tissue and the width of the implant to be used are the most important factors. In my opinion, you do not want your implant to be more width than your natural breast tissue. This only gives you a wider look to your breast, and can make the implant more visible outside of the natural breast tissue. Many surgeons feel that the lower the profile of the implant, the more natural the look of the breast. High profile implants can give too much fullness in the upper pole ot the breast whcih leads to greater implant visiblity, and a less natural look. Generally, I recommend the profile of the implant, for the size to be used, that comes closest to the width of your normal breast tissue, without exceeding it.

So, I would speak to your surgeon about this and understand both the dimensions of your breast and the dimensions of your implants (profile). Together you can come up with the right profile for you.

Good luck!

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Breast implants, moderate versus moderate plus

There is very little difference between moderate and moderate plus implants. However, if you're looking for added projection to your breasts, moderate plus would be the way to go. As far as access goes to place the implants, going through the areolae is a great way to hide the incisions. This may alter the sensation of the areolae, so if that is important to you it may be advisable to consider a different approach. This can be done through the axilla or underneath the breast. Good luck!

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Moderate vs. Moderate Plus Breast Implants

Think of Mentor's moderate profile implants as "low profile.". If you need upper pole fullness or want larger breasts with less projection, then I would use these. If not then the moderate plus are fine.

I would also recommend a mastopexy to center the nipples. Augmentation accentuates any deviation from the norm. So the nipples will appear more laterally displaced after surgery without the correction.

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Breast implant profile and incision options

There are multiple options in breast augmentation surgery that need to carefully be discussed and agreed upon by you and your surgeon, including the two things you have mentioned: implant profile and incision placement.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice and ultimately it comes down to what you and your surgeon are comfortable with . Personally, I would say that in most cases I prefer moderate plus or high profile implants to moderate profile implants, but I think you will find other surgeons who have a different preference- there is no absolute right or wrong answer here. The areolar incision works very nicely and fades very well with time, and it also allows your surgeon to do a mild lift at the time of surgery if you need it, so there is certainly nothing wrong with that approach.

In the end, I think what is more important is that you feel comfortable with your choices and options, and that you and your surgeon are both comfortable and confident with the plan-- this will give you the best chance at a great result.

Good luck!

Dr. Salemy

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Too many choices


These days there are almost too many choices in breast implants, which leads us to your dilemma. The decision for moderate vs moderate plus should really lie with your surgeon and will be based on your wishes and your body measurements. Without examining you, it is impossible to make recommendations as to what is best for you. Good luck!

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Tyoe of implant profile

As I'm sure you know, choice of breast implant profile and incisions are individualized for each patient. A moderate profile plus implant, for a given volume, is narrower and fatter than a moderate profile implant. Depending on the width of your breasts, your desired upper pole projection, and your desired volume, either type of implant may be better. Your surgeon should be able to demonstrate the implants to you and discuss the pros and cons in detail, particularly as it relates to your anatomy. In general, though, a moderate profile plus implant will give your more projection and more perkiness; a moderate profile implant will be wider and will provide less upper pole fullness.

The periareolar incision is a commonly utilized incision for breast augmentation and, in many patients, is a very good choice. Like the inframammary incision, the periareolar incision allows for placement of both silicone breast implants and saline breast implants, as well as placement either in front of or behind the chest wall muscle. Also, like the inframammary incision, the periareolar incision can usually be utilized for future breast revision surgery. If a patient requires a breast lift at the same time as breast augmentation, this incision will usually be used, since both types of procedure utilize this incision. A small minority of patients have poor scarring after the periareolar incision is used. If the incision does not heal well, the scar can be noticeable, as it is located in the center of the breast.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Breast implant profiles.


1) I think you will find the breast augmentation page on my website helpful.

2) It is absolutely not your job to decide on implant profile or size. You need to trust your surgeon to make the correct choice based on your exact anatomy and on the look you want. This is a complicated technical issue. How can a lay person know?

3) For most women going through the areola if a fine option.

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