Chin Reduction

I have what I guess is an oblong face. Is there any form of tissue or bone reduction that would make my face more oval? I think it is that my chin is vertically too long, it does not protrude horizontally at all, I just want to make my face less long, what are my options? All of the chin reduction procedures seem really drastic for what I am trying to achieve, and I wouldn't want to over do it. Thanks

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Chin reduction will yield minimal improvement


You can achieve minimal improvement with chin reduction if the vertical height is your most concerning issue. I would be very cautious.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin surgery


You might want to see a facial plastic surgeon and inquire about the use of anatomical chin implants to make your face appear more oval in nature. Sometimes rounding out the pre-jowl areas will help with this problem. I hope this information helps.

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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