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Chin Reduction Surgery - Is it Necessary?

Hi! I went to my orthodontist to see if I had a misaligned bite, but he said my jaw was perfectly aligned, so that rules out jaw surgery! My chin does not stick out at all when I'm not smiling, but when I smile it looks like it has extra flesh and bumps on it that makes it look longer and "witchy". I hate it! What kind of surgery would fix this? Buccal Fat Pad Removal? Chin reduction of fat tissue? I don't know! And an approximate cost? (From Long Island) Thanks!

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Chin Reduction Surgery for Dimpled Chin

Dear Coleenb,

It is difficult to determine what the underlying problem is given the pictures that you submitted.  In an examination, critical determinations are made from lateral views and as well from frontal views when your lips are in repose (not smiling).  The first assessment is to determine the symmetry and proportionality of your facial anatomy; which means, is your jaw and chin in the proper proportion relative to your cheekbones/cheeks.  Once these assessments are made, then we can determine the proper procedure, which may range from chin surgery (genioplasty) to Botox.  Buccal fat pad excision would not improve any dimpling or straining seen in your chin upon smiling.  As with any procedure, a board certified physician with experience in treating your issue is of primary consideration.  Best wishes with your endeavor.

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