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Chin Liposuction - Recent Weight Changes?

Due a threatment of an illness i had a weight change (lost 16 KG, from 82 to 66/65 KG, age 30, height 1,75 - since New Year stable). A double chin in the submental area (not very much) is still present (won´t change). I consided a chin liposuction. I was told, that is doable and that most "normal" risks are low, while the problem might be the elasticity of the skin (due the weight loss) btw. that the skin might not regress back. Opinions ? Suggestions ? Neck tightening procedure -> Scaring ?

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Neck lipo for weight loss

Skin quality is an important determinant of outcome. If your skin elasticity is losse then lipo will not be a good option. The skin will have to be removed and now you are n the realm of neck lift.

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Skin tightening and chin liposuction

The necessity of skin tightening depends on your individual skin laxity.  Usually, it is not needed with chin liposuction but an alternate approach would be to undergo skin tightening either before or after chin liposuction. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Removal of neck fat

 There are 2 locations of fat in the neck and these are sub-mental and sub-platysmal.   Simple liposuction of the neck will only address the submental fat removal. A neck lift will will be required for sub-mental  and sub-platysmal   fat removal, and give better contouring. Please see the link below for examples of neck lift  results in our practice

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Chin/Neck contouring after weight loss

What you were told about possibly needing skin tightening may in fact be necessary to give you a good long lasting result.  However without some frontal and profile photos of yourself it is pure speculation.  Additionally I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon who can then also physically examine the area and better determine what procedure(s) will yield the best result.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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