Chin/Jaw Implant/Rhinoplasty; Unhappy With My Face, What Do You Recommend? (Photo)

I have long felt as though my facial proportions are terribly unbalanced. I am so self conscious of it that it's difficult to even address with my surgeon, even though he has done fantastic work on my body. My face is my Achilles Heel. I would appreciate input as to what procedures you think would benefit my facial balance. This semi-anonymous feedback from unbiased third party physicians will greatly aid my confidence in approaching my surgeon. Many thanks!

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Beauty in the Making


You are beautiful already!  However, if you desire further enhancement consider a rhinoplasty, mid-facial rejuvenation (fat or lift), neck sculpting, or facial laser resurfacing concepts.  Please check the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeon for a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon in your location.

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