Chin Implant Too Small

I did get a chin implant back in April 6, 2011. Now after some months I’m really not satisfied with the result. I have a really weak chin, and asked my surgeon if I could compensate this so that my face would look more complete. Now it feels like he did enlarge my chin, but not enough. I did this home in Norway. I think my surgeon used a Porex implant, size small/ almost medium he told me. Can someone please tell me their opinion and maybe provide me whit some advices on what to do.

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Too small

After viewing your picuture, I would also have done liposuction under your chin. This would have enhanced the jawline and chin. Have your surgeon place a larger Porex implant and do some liposuction at the same time. You will love it.

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Size of Chin Implant

After looking at your picture, almost everyone would agree that chin projetion should be increased. Consult with your surgeon, or get a second opinion.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Chin Implant Too Small

Yes it does appear to be a too small chin implant. Best to seek second opinions in person from PSs in Norway. 

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Chin Implants: Planning and Placement

From the photo you posted, it does appear smaller than what I would usually recommend.  A good start would be to re-visit your doctor and see about a revision.  If you feel that your surgeon isn't listening to you or understanding what you want, it might be better to seek a revision elsewhere.  

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Chin implant

I would have to agree that the implant is too small as you don't have anywhere near the anterior projection you need. Discuss a revision with your surgeon.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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