Chin Implant or Ortho?

I have been distressed about my profile for decades. Now that I am ready to do something about it I want to fix it right. My chin is recessed behind my bottom teeth & my bottom teeth are recessed behind my top teeth. I sought a chin implant & submental lipo, but now I am considering orthodontics or perhaps orthognathic surgery to get everything aligned. I have straight teeth but a 40% overbite and TMJ problems. What's the best way to go for my pain & to balance my face more aesthetically?

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Orthodontia first!


Hi there! Orthodontic problems such as an overbite should be addressed first by an orthodontist. This may or may not require jaw advancement surgery/osteotomies. If not, chin augmentation with an implant is a fairly simple procedure to perform once your bite is improved, but since it is permanent you will be happiest with the results if any other jaw/mandibular work is completed first. Good luck!

Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Deciding between chin implantation and orthognathic surgery/orthodontics


The main thing to consider is that a chin implant won't change your bite. Having orthognathic surgery and/or orthodontics would be able to address this, though this would be a longer, more involved process. Fixing your bite issues may be able to address your TMJ issues. You should consult with a surgeon who does orthognathic surgery and an orthodontist to see what they think about your situation.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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