Chin Implant Plus Neck Lipo Result in Increased Swelling, Loose Skin?

Hi there, I am four weeks out from a combo chin implant and neck lipo surgery. I can tell I'm still swollen from both procedures. My question is, am I more swollen than normal because I combined both procedures?

I am also very concerned about rippling in my neck and whether I will be left with loose skin. At what point can tell you tell whether you'll be left with loose skin or not, and is a fat transfer to the neck area possible? I'm 37 and within 15 lbs of ideal weight. Thanks.

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Chin Implant


It is early to judge 100%. However the presence of waviness in the neck that early might be due to excess skin in the neck. That can be resolved only by neck lift if it persists at 12 weeks.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Loose skin after lipo


You are too early from surgery to worry abouut loose skin. It will appear to be a bit wrinkled and you may have lumps for a while. As you heal, the skin will shrink. The chin implant will actually tighten the skin. Be patient and keep in contact with your doctor for realistic expectations.

Scott E. Kasden, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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