Chin Implant After Orthodontic Treatment?

I'm a 25 year old female with a receded chin. It was recommended that I have jaw surgery combined with orthodontic treatment which I regrettingly refused, and had a compromised treatment instead. I had my braces removed 3 months ago and am very unhappy with the way my face looks. My face sags and creates a crease between my chin and cheeks, and I have no definition in my jawline. Will a chin implant fix this? Liposuction? What is my best option? Should I see a plastic surgeon or maxillofacial?

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You must have a thorough evaluation to decide between jaw surgery and chin implant surgery


If orthodontics have satisfactorily resolved any problems that you had with your bite (occlusion) you may not need to have jaw (orthognathic) surgery.  Having jaw surgery does no preclude you from having a chin implant or liposuction of the neck, nor does having chin augmentation and neck liposuction prevent you from having jaw surgery.  I would encourage you to see both a plastic surgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon for a thorough evaluation.  Based on your photographs, you should be a good candidate for a chin implant and liposuction of your neck in there is excess fat present which is hard to tell in just a picture. 

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