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Chin Implant - Am I a Good Candidate? (Photos)

Hi. I'm considering a chin implant to elongate my face shape. My face is pretty round and the right side of my jaw is bigger and more prominent than my left (assymetrical face shape). I decided that I want a sharper chin to make my face appear more slender and sharp. What type of implants do you reccomend? How will the procedure be performed? (The first photo is my face currently. The second photo is my desired result that I created using a plastic surgery software.) Thanks.

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Chin implant

A chin implant will not elongate a facial shape.  It will actually give more projection to the mandible and add width to the sides of the chin area.  A chin implant will not make the face appear more slender and sharp.

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Chin Implant - Am I a Good Candidate?

Thanks for the posted frontal photos but impossible to address over the internet without side views and facial measurements. Best to obtain a few in person evaluations in your city. 

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Jaw and chin contouring

I'd need to see a profile view to determine your chin projection, but it doesn't look like you'd need a chin implant.  From the photo that you've altered, it appears that you'd be able to get the result you want with bony contouring of the angle of your jaw and chin to round out the square-ness of your face and give you a more feminine, pointed chin.


Hope this helps,

Dr. Hall

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Chin implant indications

We would need profile views to determine whether a chin implant might be beneficial towards your appearance. If you have a receding chin, an implant of the appropriate shape could give the frontal effect you morphed.

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