Do I Need Chin Augmentation Again? What Can I Do? (photo)

Hello, Two years ago I put a chin implant. From the first months of my recovery, I noticed at the end of “the wings” of the implant, two knobs (very hard as a bone) a right and a left side of my chin, as you see at the photo. Is that kind of exostosis or the implant not putted well? How can I improve this situation? I don’t have asked my doctor yet, because I thought that month to month will be improved. I’ m gonna ask him in the next days. Thank you, Paula from Greece

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Chin augmentation

The chin implant is not placed or sized properly. I personally do not use the extended type of chin implant due to this complication. The extensions on the implant are not right for your chin and I would speak with your surgeon regarding removing the implant and using a different style. It will not improve with time and will require a revision procedure. Best regards!

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Revision chin implantation needed?

The area you point out on your jawline is much further back than the norml location of even an extended anatomyic chin implant. This could mean that your implant has shifted or was placed in too large a pocket.

An actual examination would allow for a better assessment. If the implant is malpositioned, revision surgery to place it in the proper location should help with the problem.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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If the bulge you're pointing to is your Chin Implant, it may need to be removed.

I read your concern and reviewed your photos:

The bulge extends quite far back, onto the area where jowls form. This could be your chin implant, but I'm not certain of this, as the "extended anatomical" implants I use end in front of the jowl, not behind it. A physical examination should determine the cause of this bulge. If it's your implant, it may be best to remove it and repeat the procedure as necessary.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Chin implant

Scar formation can distort chin implant and you have pulling of the ends of the implant inferiorly. The implant needs to be readjusted and the pocket moved up slightly to correct this problem.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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Malpositioned Chin Implant Wings

What you have are the tails or wings of the implant which are off of the end of the bone, giving you the lumps that you see. This is a common problem with today's more extended or anatomic chin implants. This can oinly be improved through either adjustment of the position of current implant or the selection of a new chin implant whose design does not have these extensions.

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