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Chin Augmentation Without Deeping Labiomental Fold

I'm considering a chin augmentation and would prefer an implant over bone cutting. My picture shows unedited(A), ideal results(B), and unfavorable results(C).

  1. Is (B) achievable with an implant? What type/size?
  2. Can the labiomental fold be made less deep as in (B)?
  3. Can the angle of my lower lip be made more vertical as in (B).
  4. Does intraoral insertion affect the labiomental fold depth?
  5. How do I avoid photo(C)?

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Is it the chin or the teeth that are the problem?

You have somewhat overthought this issue and have missed the diagnosis which is apparent from the photos.  You have a malocclusion and a retrusive lower jaw.  This is even visible in your desired side view.  Unless you correct this first, you will never have the ideal chin you want.  Go to an expert oral surgeon and have an analysis done so you can see that just putting in a chin implant doesn't correct the underlying problem.  You've got to frame the house before doign the finish work!

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Chin Augmentation Without Deeping Labiomental Fold

Clearly you have thought about this in detail. In my experience the Flowers Mandibular Glove implant offers the greatest veritical height to reach up to the labiomental groove but this is not without  tradeoffs. You may feel this in the depth of the labial sulcus. I prefer a submental crease incision over an oral approach, The lip will generally not be treated or effected with a chin implant. This is a simplistic overview of a complex problem and surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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