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Chin Augmentation Using Cartilage Graft

I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon regarding a chin implant. He recommended taking some cartlilage from my nose and using as a implant would. He said more chance the body will accept and feels its the best option for me.He advised the incsision will be done intraoral. What would be some pros and cons of this procedure? regards, Simon

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Chin surgery, chin implants vs cartlige graft


In chin augmentation surgery use of soft silicone anatomically shaped implant is the preferred method for many surgeons because it creates good results, naturally fitting and has very low complication rate. Nose cartilage is linear and needs to be shaped to augment the chin. Some surgeons like that approach but many more surgeons prefer the ease, consistency and greater augmentation one derives from chin implants. The long term benefits of chin enchantment with nasal cartilage are questionable and I personally have patient follow up of 25 years who had Silastic chin implants with great long term tolerance and long term aesthetic benefits.

New Haven Facial Plastic Surgeon

Chin Augmentation Using Cartilage Graft


I prefer the pre-fabricated implants made of silicone or medpore for chin augmentation. The implants give you more augmentation than what the nasal cartilage graft can achieve. Also, the implants are made to give you a tapered edge more peripherally along the body of the mandible, and to fit over your chin precisely. Rejection, infection,  or extrusion of chin implants is quite rare.

Maurice M. Khosh, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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