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Chin and Forehead Reduction? (photo)

I have been picked on my whole life about my long face. People would tell me I looked like the Crimison Chin from Fairly Odd Parents or they would make jokes, like Elianna you always looks so sad, why the long face. I grew up being told by my other peers that I was ugly and disgusting. I don't get it as bad now but I still dread looking in the mirror everyday. I was wondering what the risks were for chin surgery and how I could achieve an oval face shape? I'm tired of looking at my chin in the mirror.

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Chin and forehead balance


From your pictures, a chin reduction would better balance your chin with the rest of your face.  Without a profile picture, it's not possible to tell which procedure would be the best choice for you.

Likewise, a forehead reduction can lower your hairline and reduce your forehead prominence.

An in-person consultation is the best way to make the right choices to reach your goals.

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Forehead and Chin Reductions


Based on your pictures, you may benefit by both forehead and chin reduction. A side profile picture would be helpful to determine what type of chin reduction procedure may be beneficial. (intraoral reduction osteotomy vs submental burring reduction) Your forehead could be reduced by a scalp advancement procedure but its success depends on how loose your scalp is and whether a frontal hairline scar is acceptable. You should be able to reduce your vertical forehead length by at least 1 cm. Both the forehead and chin reductions can be done during the same operation.

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