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Who do you recommend who is highly experienced to do a structural Fat transfer for hollowness below the eyes and in the cheek area around Chicago?

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It is a tricky procedure but in right hands quite predictable and satysfying

Fat transfer to the facial are can be very satisfying if it is done right. It is a tricky procedure that requires a lot of experience. However if done right it cannot be substituted with anything else. I do it in almost all facial rejuvenation cases

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Fat Transfer Recommendations in Chicago

Hi Curious Cat,

Plenty of fat to be transferred in the midwest.... just kidding. Out here in Los Angeles we have plenty of patients who are volunteering to be fat donors.

I would give Dr. Steve Dayan a call in Chicago and find out whom he recommends, if not himself.

Good luck and be well. Go Cubbies.

Dr. P

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