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Can Chemical Peels Be Used on the Body?

I have acne and acne scars through my body and scars left by mosquito bites. My skin complexion is olive skin.

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Can peel almost anything

Peels can be used on many body parts as long as the person using them knows the limitations for those areas. Some areas scar or hyperpigment more easily so need to be treated more slowly and carefully. 

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Peels and scars

Chemical peels can be used on the chest and back.  These areas require great care as they can scar from deeper peels and laser procedures (such as CO2) quite easily.  Also the type of marks you are describing, scars and post inflammatory pigmentation from acne and scratched mosquito bites are often quite resistant to improvement.  Make sure you consult with a knowledgeable dermatologist in your area prior to deciding on a proper course of action for this kind of problem.


Madeline Krauss, MD
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