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Broken Capillaries After TCA Peel

I had a TCA chemical and am on day 4 of recovery. My skin is very red and tender where the skin has peeled off which I expected. I do however have several patches of broken capillaries which I did not have prior to the peel.

Should it be expected that these will go away once healing is complete or will I be stuck with them? Is there any thing I can be doing now to assist in the healing process overall. I am currently applying emu oil. Thanks!

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REdness after TCA peel - Vbeam laser


These broken capillaries usually will subside with time.  If you would like a quicker response, try the VBEam laser to eliminate the redness. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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TCA chemical peel and recovery


Being just 4 days post a 30% TCA (tricholoracetic acid) chemical peel,  I would expect your skin to still be raw and red.  It is not unusual to have areas of broken capillaries, especially if your skin is thin, fair, and/or delicate. This should improve over then next several weeks.  Keep your skin well moisturized and protect your skin from sun exposure in this early post TCA peel recovery period.

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