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Pregnancy After Implants; What Can I Expect? Sagging, Stretch Marks?

I had a very small breast size before my implants (saline )515 cc I was 32B and now I'm 34DD, even though i was very small my breast will increase to DD Naturally After my Pregnancy.I wasn't planing to have another Baby but now I'm Pregnant And worried about my Breast size After Giving Birth. what is the risk ? i know i can Breast feed but will it sag? would i get several stretch marks? will i need an adjustment? i have the "smile" incition i hope i don't ruin it

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Breast Appearance after Pregnancy and Breast Feeding?


Thank you for the question.

Every  patient's breasts respond differently to pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Some patients experience minimal changes;  most patients experience some decrease in breast volume (involutional hypoplasia)  and/or sagging (ptosis).  Whether stretch marks occur or not is also dependent on the specific person.

I would suggest, under the guidance of your OB/GYN, that you maintain a stable weight; severe weight fluctuation can be detrimental to the appearance of the breasts after pregnancy/breast-feeding.

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and infant.


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Pregnancy and implants


it is difficult to predict how the breasts will respond to pregnancy. All the above can occur( stretch marks, sagging, may need an adjustment.

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