Change of Pip Implants to Nagor and Feel Too Big. What to Do? (photo)

Hi I had 265cc Ultra High round pip implants in 2005, i was happy with the size they were a little high for my liking but got used to them after i had my first baby they dropped more and was ok. From the press release of theses implants in jan this year (2012) I have them removed and replaced with Nagor Implants. I went to 300g high implants, I was told this will bring the projection down my 2mm and widen them by 2mm. i feel hugh and hate them/ what can i do now? thanks

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Chnaged from PIP to Nagor and now feels too big


If they are the Impleo gummy bears they maintain their shape regardless of your body position. Gummy bears are a good choice for reconstruction after total mastectomy, but I don't feel they have a place in routine cosmetic augmentation mammoplasty exactly because of this patient's type of experience. God given breasts change shape with body position. Gummy Bears are like a barnacle on the bottom of a boat...same shape in any position.  'nuff said?

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