Is "No Change" in Appearance After a Browlift Normal if Surgery is Done Correctly?

8 months after endo browlift, ptosis (31% vision lose) looks/feels same as before surgery. My surgeon wants to just relift from just the temple area to correct. Do I have any reason to believe this added surgery is enough? It seems like if the "bigger surgery" didn't work, this wouldn't either...

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Browlift revision


WIthout seeing photos or performing an exam, I can not be sure what would be best for you..  if the brow lift was not adequate perhaps the lateral lift may help.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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"No Change" after Browlift


Carefully compare before and after pictures; this will provide an opportunity to critically evaluate your surgical result.  If you don't feel the temporal lift will meet your present needs, get a second opinion. Good Luck!

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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