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What Are the Chances That I'll Need a Gastric Bypass Revision?

I'm young (27) and have a lot of weight to lose. I know this procedure is for life and I'm wondering what the chances are that I'll need to get the bypass revised or have a Lap Band later in life? Can one gastric bypass last me forever if I follow the "rules" or is it inevitable that my pouch will expand over time and I'll need to get it revised?

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Revision for failure after gastric bypass


About 25 - 30 % of patients will regain some of their weight after gastric bypass surgery long term.  We now have options to help those patients.  The two procedures we use for revision is Lap-Band over your gastric bypass and endoscopic revision of your gastric pouch called the ROSE procedure.  it is important to find a surgeon like myself that is very experienced in revision surgery when seeking these options.

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