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I Had Cellulaze May 29th and I'm Still Sore and Bruised. My Dr Said to Wear the Garment for 2 to 3 Months. What Do You Think?

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Cellulaze Recovery and Side Effects

Thank you for your question. Soreness and bruising are common side effects of Cellulaze, so do not be alarmed. Each patient heals and recovers differently, which could be why your doctor recommended you continue wearing the garment. Generally, patients wear the garment for 1-3 weeks. Speak with your doctor about why specifically he or she would like you to wear the garment for an extended period of time. Best of luck.

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1 week for the compression garment

The compression garment only needs to be worn for one week, if you want to wear it longer that is fine as well. This garment will help to control the swelling.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Soreness and Bruising should resolve

although we expect the bruing and swelling to resolve by 4 weeks, some may have it continue longer.  Partly due to your body and could depend on the extent of the procedure.The sweeling causes the the swelling goes down , so should the discomfort.  Try massaging the areas and or ask you docotr perhaps for some pills to reduce the swelling faster



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Compression therapy after cellulaze

I usually recommend my patients to wear compression garment for 3 week and then to wear Spanx for another 2-3 weeks.  Both the compression garment and Spanx should be snug around your body and should cover the entire treatment area.  If you can wear the garment/Spanx at all times, that would be better; however, you can take them off at night times.  Plastic surgeons differ in our postoperative care and instruction; you should follow your plastic surgeon's advice.

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Bruising and soreness after Cellulaze


Soreness and bruising are quite common after Cellulaze. Though it is minimally invasive, there is a lot that happens underneath the skin's surface to combat the cellulite.  Bruising, swelling and soreness can last a number of weeks so don't be alarmed or discouraged.  Wearing the garment will help with swelling and will help get you back to normal more quickly. As always, when in doubt, check back and follow up with your surgeon.  

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens

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Wear the Garment

Try changing to Spanx or Flexees (from Macy's) Also ALWAYS follow your certified CELLULAZE docs instructions. 

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Bruising After Cellulaze


Laser cellulite reduction (eg. Cellulaze) is a good treatment for cellulite. Bruising is common after the procedure and typically lasts a few weeks. A compression garment is usually worn to help with recovery. If you are concerned about your recovery, I would be sure to followup with your surgeon for an assessment.


Warmest wishes,

Larry Fan, MD

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