Want Butt Like Buffie the Body, Trina, Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Angel Lola Luv

my butt is round but i want it big. like celebs buffie the body, trina, nikki minaj, kim kardashian, amber rose, angel lola luv etc. how many cc of fat will it take for a 45 to 47 inch bottom, and having a waist line at 24 or 26 but no more than 27?

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Celebrity Bottom or Booty: Brazilian Butt Lift


Those are admirable goals. However where youe end (pun intended) depends on where you started. If you have a 42 inch bottom, it will be significantly easier to achieve a 45 inch bottom compared to if you start with a 36 inch bottom. Celebrities start with their highly sought after looks and then build upon that with full time personal trainers.

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