Just how many ccs of fat can be added to the hips? (photo)

I am debating between BBL/butt implants, but my primary areas of concern are my hips. I have narrow, boyish hips. I know bone structure plays a major (main?) role in determining hip size, but would a fat transfer there be able make any impact? From reading BBL reviews I've gathered that 200cc is the 'typical' volume of fat injected per hip in a fat transfer. Would 400cc+ be possible? I've read that fat transferred to the hip does not take particularly well, due to lack of muscle. Is there really a limit?

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Just how many ccs of fat can be added to the hips?

In general, 240 cc to 420 cc are reasonable volumes.  I am not sure how much fat you have available for transfer. 

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CC's for augmentation

I have placed a lot more than 200 cc's in any one setting during fat augmentation to the buttock region.  Best to be seen in person.

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The number of CCs is not very important, as long as it is enough to enhance your silhouette


Your picture is pretty blurry but you're completely right about the "typical" volume. The more I've grafted on a patient is 300 cc per hip side, mainly because it's an area that does not expand as well as the gluteal region for example and, like you mention, there is a lack of muscle (which translates into less blood supply). 

The number of CCs is very subjective. What matters is that it is enough to enhance your feminine silhouette. 
There are other tricks that make hips look bigger like Lipo to the flanks, smoothing the curves of your body and accentuating the "hourglass shape" of your body. 

Again, your picture is not very good for a virtual evaluation. 

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