Cavity Missed Due to 'Winged' X-ray?

Recently I had had my braces removed.Before I got braces the ortho took a winged x-ray.At the time I asked him if he could see any cavities.He told me no.3 months ago he took another winged x-ray.I was told that everything looked OK.2 weeks ago I had a filling fall out. Now my ortho is saying cavities can't be picked up on winged x-rays. this has led to me getting a root canal. I'm shocked and sad as I take oral hygiene very seriously.My DDS says cavities can be seen on winged.who's right?

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Bite wing xrays to check for cavities


In the diagnosis of cavities we use a number of different things to help us determine if a tooth has decay.  We use our eyes, our explorer, a machine known as the diagnodent (laser cavity detector) and bitewing xrays.  Not sure why you were told that bitewings do not show caviites. 

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