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What causes terrible migraine type headaches and flu like symptoms after Botox?

I am on day 11 of pretty bad migraine type headaches and mild flu like symptoms post Botox to forehead and 11 area treatment. I am 100% Botox is the reason for my pain. I am heading to a third Dr tomorrow, a more holistic Dr. What type tests should I undergo? Is damage occurring to my head, sure feels like it. I have never experienced anything like it. Tingling and burning of scalp and headache in frontal love and lower back of head including neck stiffness. Thank you.

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Botox side effects

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  1. Botox is used to treat migraines BUT
  2. migraines can be caused by Botox injections - probably because the injection irritates the nerves and muscles causing the migraine,
  3. flu-like illness can also be caused by Botox,
  4. if symptoms persist, consult a neurologist.

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