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Capsular Contracture Revision Strattice/Options/Opinions? (photo)

HX: 2001- UM Saline imp. - 450cc filled to 550; 2010 - removal of old implants, keyhole lift, silicone implant (? cc, but small D) above muscle; 8/2012 - (R) implant "poking out" – (R) breast scarred in the fold; 9/2012 - surgeon noted contracture, reco. rev. with Strattice

1. What constitutes “signif. exp. working with the product”.
2. How long can I wait to repair, risk of wait?
3. 2010 surg. $12K, rev. is $6,500 my Health ins. covers some cases, worth pursuing?
4. options or recom?

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Capsular Contracture Revision Strattice/Options/Opinions


Very hard to answer the specific questions/issues via the internet. I might suggest consider fat grafting as another option. 

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Capsular Contracture Revision Strattice/Options/Opinions? (photo)


Despite the submitted photographs and detailed historical information, your complex situation is NOT amenable to evaluation and recommendations online.  My suggestion is to seek the most expert local opinions you can in person.  Because you are lean and Strattice is an acellular dermal matrix product (a thin sheet), fat grafting after implant removal may be a preferred alternative.  Several sessions will be required.  The problem may be ??Where can fat be harvested from your very thin body?  If you've had pregnancies, perhaps repeatedly from the lower abdomen.  Then, after fat grafting restores softness and adds some volume to the breast, have broad submuscular implants correctly placed, and at the same time tummy tuck or mini-tummy tuck to remove the loose skin.  I'm getting way ahead of myself, and the above scenario is only a possibility to be entertained by the surgeon who sees you, depending on your situation.  

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