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Capsular Contracture - Should I Massage Silicone Implants?

To minimse the risk of capcular contracture after a small haematoma dispersed by itself (undrained)the advise has been to massage the breast regularly -does this stand when we're talking about a textured silicone gel implant.I had heard that textured implants shouldn't be massaged.If there's dried blood in the breast cavity(hypothetical),would massage really help minimise contracture risk?Finally,if contracture were to occur & the implant replaced,is it possible for no cc to occur the 2nd time?

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Massage and breast augmentation


I usually have my patients massage but I usually use smooth walled implants.  Ask your doctor how you should proceed.

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Re: Should I Massage Silicone Breast Implants?


Unfortunately studies have shown that a hematoma, even one that is small does increase the incidence of capsular contracture. That is why surgical drainage is generally performed if the hematoma is at all significant. Fortunately, capsular contracture with the new cohesive gel implants, whether textured or smooth, is very low which is to your benefit. Even though the implants are textured, gentle massage may be helpful, and certainly there is no down side to it. Once you reach six months, the incidence of capsular contracture drops off significantly and the need for massage would be less of an issue. If you do not see any distortion to the breast at this point in time, then in all probability you should do well. As for open capsulotomies to treat capsular contracture, they are successful in the majority of cases but capsular contracture can recur.

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Massaging breast implants


The general consensus among experienced breast surgeons is that smooth implants need to be massaged whereas massaging a textured implant defeats the purpose of the texturing. This may not apply to Mentor textured implants because their texturing is lees aggressive than Allergan's. The recurrence rate for capsular contracture has been reported to be as high as 50% but my experience with it has been far more favorable.

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Breast Massage for capsular contracture


See video for suggested exercises if permitted by your surgeon. Blood within the pocket does not universally mean implant contracture.

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