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Is It Possible to Get Capsular Contracture After the Flu?

I recently had a submuscular breast augmentation 3 weeks agoon Feb 6th. I've had a bad case of the flu the last 3 days, running a fever of 100-101.4 two nights in a row, even with Tylenol. Today I've noticed that my breasts feel tight and firm, and when I massage them, particularly my left breast feels like I can feel the actual implant rub on the inside against my muscle. Is that possible it's capsular contracture, or am I paranoid? How does a fever affect breast implants?

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Treatment of capsular contracture and causes of capsular contracture


Infection and hematoma are two likely causes of capsular contracture.  I would recommend early and aggressive treatment before the capsular contracture worsens or progresses. 

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The flu and breast tightness


While you may be developing a capsular contracture, it is unlikely related to your flu symtpoms.  If you are concerned about your implants, you should check with your doctor.

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Flu and Capsule Contracture


Flu is a viral illness which we don't typically associate as a cause of capsule contracture, yet we don't fully understand all the causes and mechanisms leading to contracture formation.

It is also possible that your febrile illness had a bacterial component; there is more evidence for capsule contracture following a systemic bacterial infection.

Consult with your surgeon to evaluate your breasts; he/she may decide to initiate a special capsule contracture treatment.

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